Lutheran Ceremony

Lutheran Ceremony

You’ve provided an accurate description of Lutheran weddings and their emphasis on worship and the sanctification of the marital union. Let’s continue with the description of the typical elements of a Lutheran wedding ceremony:

. Wedding Processional:

The wedding processional is the entrance of the bridal party and the bride into the church. Typically, the processional includes the seating of the guests, the entrance of the groom, the groomsmen, bridesmaids, flower girl, ring bearer, and finally, the entrance of the bride. Music, often traditional Lutheran hymns, accompanies these entrances.

2. Invocation and Greeting:

The ceremony typically begins with an invocation or opening prayer, in which the pastor welcomes the congregation and seeks God’s presence and blessings on the wedding.

3. Scripture Readings and Sermon:

Lutheran weddings often include readings from the Bible, which may be selected by the couple or suggested by the pastor. These readings are followed by a sermon or homily in which the pastor provides spiritual guidance and offers reflections on the meaning of marriage and the couple’s commitment to each other.

4. Exchange of Vows and Rings:

The couple then exchanges their vows, promising their love, commitment, and faithfulness to each other. This is usually followed by the exchange of rings, symbolizing their union.

5. Unity Candle or Other Symbolic Acts (optional):

Some Lutheran couples may choose to include additional symbolic acts, such as lighting a unity candle, as a representation of their union.

6. Nuptial Blessing and Pronouncement:

The pastor may offer a nuptial blessing, asking for God’s blessings on the marriage. The couple is then pronounced husband and wife.

7. Recessional:

The recessional marks the conclusion of the ceremony, with the newlywed couple walking back up the aisle, often to joyful music, followed by the bridal party and guests.

10. Postlude:

Similar to the prelude, a postlude is played on musical instruments as the congregation leaves the church. It provides a reflective and worshipful atmosphere as attendees exit.

As you mentioned, Lutheran weddings prioritize worship and the sanctification of marriage. While specific customs and traditions may vary among different branches of Lutheranism, the core elements typically revolve around the couple’s commitment to each other within the context of their faith and the worship of God.

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