Western Style Non Religious

Western Style Non Religious

Your wedding day is one of the most specials days in your life and at Thailand Wedding Company we sincerely believe that it should be made special to your specific preferences and the dream you have in mind. And the way we do this is through our personalized and professional services. Along with Thai Style Wedding Ceremony, Non Religious Ceremonies are without a doubt the most popular format for the many couples visiting Thailand to get married each year.

The main difference between Religious and Non Religious Weddings is that the latter is conducted by a Celebrant, not a Priest or Minister, and there is no mention of God, prayers or the like. Instead, the ceremony focuses on what lies at the heart of your relationship and future marriage: your true love and all the experiences that helped bring the two of you together and decide to spend the rest of your lives together as husband and wife.

Non Religious Symbolic Ceremony or Secular Style Weddings are so popular because they represent the ultimate in personalized weddings. Though we utilize a basic Western-style format similar to what you would see in a movie, they are flexible in so many ways – we can make them simple, extravagant, exotic or somewhere in between, the choice is totally yours.

So is the choice of venues: on a sandy beach with the turquoise-colored sea lapping nearby; in a fascinating temple or the lush jungle forest next to a waterfall; on a secluded dream island, hilltop or sailboat with mesmerizing ocean views – there is no shortage of picture perfect backdrops for your Non Religious Symbolic Wedding in Thailand. And we conduct weddings in or nearby all the major tourist destinations here, as well as out-of-the way places, so basically we go where you go!

Our Celebrants have their own warm-hearted wordings they use in the ceremonies, but you are also free to adjust this or bring in your own as you desire. Likewise, if you do not want to worry about such things, just leave it in our professional hands so you can focus on each other or family and friends. The Celebrant will lead you through the ceremony step-by-step, so there is very little for you to have to remember or worry about other than showing up, looking your best and hopefully ready to shed a tear or two in happiness.

When it comes to set-up, decorations and other options, there is almost unlimited choice as well to help create your special day: flowers, arches, entrance by elephant, Thai dancers, music, floating lanterns, fireworks, legal registrations, you name it, just check out our options page and start making your wedding dream into reality with the help of Thailand Wedding Company!

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