Bamboo Island

Bamboo Island

Take your snorkeling gear with you because on the way to Bamboo Island is a very nice coral garden called Hin Klang. As Hin Klang is the best snorkeling site at Phi Phi Island a stop here is a must!

A fantastic area for snorkeling where not that many tourists stop. Most people go on a trip to Maya Bay instead.

Bamboo Island is a flat evergreen island with blending white sand and beautiful crystal clear water.


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Good snorkeling along the coral reef 50 meters off the white sandy beach. Even if day trippers stop here for swimming and snorkeling it never gets too crowded. Bamboo Island is not larger than you can walk around it in half an hour if you should get bored of snorkeling and relaxing on the beach.

Like at Maya Beach every foreigner have to pay a a National Park entrance fee of 400/200 (adult/children) baht to be allowed to stay on the island. It is just crazy to have to pay 400 baht to set foot on a public beach for a hour or two!

Rough sea can at times make it difficult to reach Bamboo Island with long-tail boat even in high season. Then a larger boat like a speedboat can take you instead if the waves are not too big.