Catholic Ceremony

Catholic Ceremony

Thailand Wedding offers Catholic Wedding Ceremonies in various locations throughout Thailand, delivering exceptional service that has left many satisfied customers.

Before the Catholic Wedding, it is customary to meet with the local Priest at the Church one day before the ceremony. This practice aligns with Catholic tradition and serves to strengthen your relationship, address any potential weaknesses, and equip you with the necessary skills to build a fulfilling marriage. You will also need a letter of permission from your parish priest back home, which is a standard procedure in Thailand to proceed with the marriage.

In preparation for the Catholic Wedding Ceremony, you have the freedom to choose readings, prayers, and music that hold special meaning to you, making your wedding day truly unique.

There are also decisions to be made regarding the entrance procession into the church, your placement within the church, and how your family and friends will participate in the celebration. Our team is here to assist you in making these decisions, as it is all part of the service we provide. Once inside the church, you will be welcomed by the priest, take your seats, and the ceremony will commence.

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