Elephant Western Marriage @ Beach

Elephant Western Marriage @ Beach

Available Destinations : Krabi, Koh Lanta, Phuket, Krabi and Khaolak

The Elephant Wedding Package is a highly sought-after wedding style, known for creating a truly romantic ambiance that will be cherished forever.

In this unique ceremony, the bride and groom are seated on elephants as they make their way to the marquee. The wedding rituals involving the elephants begin in front of witnesses and these magnificent animals. The bride and groom stand before the elephants, with witnesses flanking them on both sides.

The master of ceremony warmly greets each honorable witness with beautiful and meaningful poetry, rhyme, or lyrics before proceeding with the following rituals:

The bride and groom, together, pour sand into a glass, symbolizing their decision to share their lives together. They declare their love, promise to spend their lives with love and honesty, and commit to merging their lives forever.

Optionally, for couples who choose to include it, a candle lighting ceremony can represent the idea that two individuals have come together to illuminate their lives, making them brighter and more beautiful.

The exchange of wedding rings follows, signifying that the couple is now married. The master of ceremony or a representative offers a blessing to the newlywed couple. As the newlyweds share a kiss, flowers are showered upon them by their well-wishers. The new wedding couple, along with the witnesses and the master of ceremony, sign their names on the marriage certificates.

After these touching ceremonies, the wedding couple rides on the backs of elephants along the beach to the next part of their celebration. Here, they pop open the champagne to celebrate their marriage and wave wedding flags, creating a joyous and unforgettable moment.

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