Elephant Thai Marriage @ Beach

Elephant Thai Marriage @ Beach

The Elephant wedding package is indeed one of our most popular wedding styles, known for creating a truly romantic atmosphere that couples will cherish and remember. Our Thai Buddhist Blessing Ceremony, conducted on the sandy beach with specially prepared packages for the Monks, promises to be a truly memorable and meaningful experience for all involved.

In the Elephant wedding package, the bride and groom will enter the beautifully decorated gazebo venue. Once inside, they will take their seats directly in front of the Buddhist Monks. The couple will offer their prayers as a sign of respect and present the prepared package to the Monks. After the offerings have been given, the ceremony proceeds with prayers and chanting led by the Monks. The head monk will bestow his blessings, and the Monks will commence their chanting. This sacred and meaningful ritual adds a special touch to the wedding ceremony.

After the chanting and blessings, the next part of the ceremony involves pouring holy water from a small bottle into a bronze bowl, which is then given to the head Monk. The Monks will lightly sprinkle this holy water over your body. You’ll also present simple offerings to the Monks, and they will say prayers for you, your family, and friends.

Following this, the Bride and Groom will enjoy a unique experience as they sit on an elephant’s back and ride to the venue for the Thai wedding ceremony.

Our Thai Wedding Standard Package is designed for smaller parties or those with budget considerations. The ceremony begins with a warm welcome and introduction by the celebrant, followed by significant rituals such as the exchange of flower garlands, the marking of dots on the couple’s foreheads, and the placement of linked head slings upon their brows.

After completing these rituals, the couple will express their vows and exchange rings. Then, all the guests will participate in a water blessing ceremony, using a conch shell to pour sacred water over the couple’s hands for good luck and a harmonious future. To conclude, the couple will be treated to a captivating performance by Thai dancers, showcasing a traditional dance of love. Throughout the ceremony, the Celebrant will explain the symbolism and significance behind each ritual, offering you and your guests a deeper appreciation of Thai culture.

Following this enchanting ceremony, the wedding couple will ride on the elephants’ backs to the next step, where champagne will be popped to celebrate the marriage, and wedding flags will be waved.

If you’re seeking a unique and exotic way to celebrate your wedding, our Elephant Beach Wedding Thai Ceremony Style is the perfect choice to transform your dream into a mesmerizing reality!

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