Buddhist Monks Blessing / Wedding @ Temple : Afternoon

Buddhist Monks Blessing / Wedding @ Temple : Afternoon

Afternoon: Monk Blessing Ceremony at the Temple

A sacred blessing by Thai Buddhist Monks offers couples a once-in-a-lifetime experience for their relationship. Blessing, in this context, is an effort to connect with and share goodness, particularly in a divine sense. It’s an attempt to establish contact with the essence of goodness itself and to share this positive energy so that it may imbue those present with its benevolence.

In addition to receiving a Thai Buddhist Blessing, we provide the opportunity for couples to partake in a ring exchange ceremony, perfect for revitalizing their marriage or starting anew. This enchanting experience is one to be cherished for a lifetime.

Initial Offering:

The afternoon Thai Buddhist Blessing Ceremony commences with a bow and offerings to the Monks outside the temple at a specially prepared shrine for this special occasion. These prepared offering packages are required to receive blessings from the Monks. As monks do not consume food after noon, the afternoon initial contribution packages do not include food.

Entering the Temple:

Following the blessing chant, you will bow and then proceed into the temple to commence the prayers. Surrounded by the scent of incense and the gentle glow of candlelight, you will be seated in front of the Monks to make the second offering. Once accepted, the Monks will initiate the prayers with beautiful chants that resonate throughout the temple.

Exchanging of Rings / Vows (Optional Traditional Wedding Ceremony):

Should the couple choose to include a ring ceremony, they will be adorned with flower garlands to exchange between each other. It’s also customary for the couple to wear a line of flowers, tied together with a piece of string, on their heads, symbolizing the union in their relationship. The couple will then take turns marking each other’s foreheads with three white dots, representing love, life, and luck. Afterward, they will exchange vows and rings.

Holy Water Blessing:

To purify their relationship from any negative energies or spirits, the couple will join hands and pour holy water from a small bottle into a bronze bowl, which will then be handed to the Head Monk. This act symbolizes the cleansing of their relationship. The Monk will conclude this ritual with a final blessing, sprinkling a light amount of holy water.

Conclusion of Ceremony:

As a parting gift, the Monks will present Lucky String Bracelets to the couple, as well as to friends and family in attendance. The ceremony concludes with the lighting and release of a sky lantern, adding a charming touch to the occasion. Professional photographers will be present throughout the ceremony to capture the moments, and there will be time at the end of the ceremony for additional photographs. These photos will be accessible through an included online photo gallery.

Note: Buddhism, in addition to being a religion, is also a philosophy. The inclusive nature of this faith allows Monks to conduct wedding rituals for those who may not be well-versed in it. It’s important to note that, unlike many traditional Western wedding ceremonies, there is no kissing allowed inside the temple and in front of the Monks at the conclusion of the ceremony.

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