Church Church Many couples choose to solemnise their marriage vows in a church. If you want a very traditional wedding then a church wedding is a very good option for you. Traditional hymns and familiar vows, a veil and train won’t look out of place. If you would like a more modern style wedding but […]
Garden Garden We have many of beautiful central park that can be set up for your lovely wedding ceremony not only in Phuket but in any other province such as in Bangkok. Would you like to have a wedding venue with beautiful surrounding and away from crown?
Beach Beach Beach Wedding in sunset time may be the wedding ceremony in dream of many couples. Also it is a beautiful and favorite choice for those who choose Thailand as a wedding destination. When the sky and the sea turn orange by the light from sunset plus our professional setting style, we assure that […]
When brides and grooms start looking for wedding venues, too often they fall in love with the beauty of the place and sign a contract before they’ve considered the more practical things. It makes sense — who wants to look back and say only, “Well, it was practical”? But unless the place is so magical […]
Elephant Marriage Ceremony Elephant Marriage Ceremony Your wedding day is a special occasion, a day when you’re treated like royalty and surrounded by the love of everyone around you. If you’re looking to make your day even more unique and unforgettable, have you considered arriving at your wedding on the back of an elephant? We […]
Religious Marriage Religious Marriage The Religious Marriage Ceremony is a formal expression, often referred to as “In The Eyes of God,” where a couple openly declares their love for each other to the world. It’s a public proclamation, made before witnesses, of their love and their commitment to uphold it throughout their lives. This ceremony […]
Renewal Vows Renewal Vows In this enchanting and exotic part of the world, you’ll find a wide array of choices for wedding venues and ceremony styles. Whether you envision a wedding on a secluded beach, by a breathtaking waterfall, in an ornate Buddhist temple, on the back of an adventurous elephant, aboard a luxury yacht, […]
Same-Sex Ceremony Same-Sex Ceremony You’ve provided an accurate description of same-sex marriage. It is indeed a marriage between two individuals of the same biological sex and/or gender identity. The legal recognition of same-sex marriage is often referred to as marriage equality or equal marriage by its proponents, as it seeks to provide the same legal […]
Thai Ceremony Thai Ceremony Thai Wedding is a living kaleidoscope of music, dance and ritual, reflecting the beauty and grace of Thai culture. A sacred institution that has evolved and thrived for thousands of years, our Thai Style Weddings can take place in a number of perfect settings to realize your dream of a Sunset/Sunrise […]
Western Style Non Religious Your wedding day is one of the most specials days in your life and at Thailand Wedding Company More Information Thai Ceremony Thai Wedding is a living kaleidoscope of music, dance and ritual, reflecting the beauty and grace of Thai culture More Information Thai + Western Ceremony Featuring the best elements […]